Halloween, the First 4 Years

Happy Halloween!!! We love to dress up and celebrate Halloween. It’s fun to be festive and put on a creative costume for a night. Here’s a few photos of our past Halloween costumes!

Priest and Medusa, 2016
This year we have been focusing on work and school so our Halloween enthusiasm did take a bit of a backseat. We still put together some amazing costumes for a Halloween party down the street.


Fox and Hot Dog, 2015
Last year we decided to be light-hearted and fun. Brian was a hot dog and I was a fox. We continued the tradition of our favorite dive bar & bowling.


Black Swan & Jason, 2014
For our second Halloween we got a little scary (and serious judging by our picture!). I dressed as Black Swan and Brian was Jason. 


Hunter S. Thompson and Holly Golightly, 2013

For our first Halloween Brian dressed as Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalist and author, and I was Holly Golightly, from Breakfast at Tiffanys. We celebrated at our favorite dive bar and then we went bowling!


What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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