Green Tea & Apple Hot Toddy

Green Tea and Apple Toddy Top Logo.jpg

I love green tea so I’m sharing an autumn inspired cocktail featuring this beverage! In the fall apples are everywhere. Over the weekend we went to Noble Orchards, a local apple orchard in Paradise, CA. We brought home 2 kinds of apple butter, a huge bag of Fuji apples and a gallon of apple cider. As you can tell, I can’t get enough apples!

I have also been into the seasonal Crown Royal Regal Apple because it’s so tasty and not too sweet! 🙂
Here’s the latest cocktail I’ve created:

Green Tea & Apple Hot Toddy
Ingredients – Makes 2
4 oz Crown Royal Regal Apple
8 oz Warm Green Tea
Drizzle with honey and enjoy!


This is such a great cocktail for the morning or mid-afternoon because the green tea will give you a bit of an energy boost!

Also, be sure to check out the Apple Bacon Ol’ Fashioned here!


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