First year with our chickens


We’re celebrating our first year anniversary with our chickens! It’s been such a successful and fun adventure. We’ve done a ton of research, made a few mistakes but hundreds of eggs later it’s been an overall success! Here’s some highlights of our life with our 4 chickens!

When we first got them they lived in a tub in our living room. They had food, shelter, a heat lamp and each other for company. We would hear their little chirps while we watched “Game of Thrones” and that was when they met Calliope and became friends.

The chickens lived in the tub for a few weeks until it was obvious they out grew it. One evening we were eating dinner and all 4 of them kept flying out and getting loose around the living room. It was time for them to move out the next day!

We bought a chicken coop online and assembled it in the backyard. The above photos are the chicks first time in the backyard. The head chick was always on the lookout for danger. She’s the one with her head straight up in all of the photos.

We painted the coop and placed it in a fenced in area so the chicks could have some space during the day. Our backyard wasn’t fully fenced at the time so we needed a place for them to run free during the day.


Our first egg

Finally toward the end of summer they gave us our first egg!

Today our chickens are an integral part of our life. We get up early to open their home and feed them. We let them loose while we work in the yard. They even follow us around in the yard all day. I talk with them while I weed (chirp, chur, burr, chirp!) and Brian chases them with his guitar when they get loose in the front yard. Haha! They were also featured in my alter ego self portrait project for school last semester.

Each night we tuck them in and close up their home and thank them for the eggs they gave us. I couldn’t imagine living without these little ladies. They are such a fun part of our family and I highly recommend owning a few!

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