2017 Intentions Wrap Up

2017 was a great in year for me. At the start I made 5 amazing intentions that helped me approach my life in a way I’d never done before. In the past, I made intentions (or resolutions) that were full of action and goals. This year, I decided to make intentions that tended to my approach and behavior. I made these intentions based on what I value, not what I hoped to gain. I typed them out and emailed them to myself. I kept the email in my inbox and checked back whenever I felt I needed to be reminded of their descriptions. Here’s a look at my intentions and how some were applied throughout 2017.


This intention is about making decisions in the present moment with only considering what is best for that moment, based on intuition. The theory is that when you apply this method, you make the true choice, given the circumstances, and the future that correlates with your choices unfolds.

This intention is about not considering my past experiences and what I hope or fear the future will be when I make current decisions.

To me, it’s important to not let my past experiences weight as much because the emotional context that made up those past situations are not equivalent to the one in the present moment. We are always learning and changing so, to me, that emotional data doesn’t apply the same to most current situations that I face.

This intention applies to the future in a different way. I do hold values and take actions for a healthy future and I don’t want to make those decisions based on what I hope, anticipate or expect the future to be. If I make the good, joyous choice now, I will then create a good and joyous future as a result of those choices.

Helpful resources: The Lively Show PodcastAbraham Hicks


This intention was simply a reminder to be patient. What will happen, will happen and only I can control my perspective of those events. This intention served as a reminder to spend more quality downtime with Brian and to not over plan and fill my life with events and commitments.

Reading resources: Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner



I’ve always had a feeling the day would come when I decided to downsize my material possessions. I have always been a pack rat. I loved to collect things, but I’ve had a hard time letting go of things. Last January, in effort to break these habits, I threw out or donated 60% of our items and throughout the year I have continued to minimize and only keep essentials.
This was inspired by reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo and I was able to easily maintain the changes I had made by listening to the weekly podcast created by The Minimalists.
And don’t worry, there are more photos and an entire blog to document parts of this journey.



As an introvert, I find it challenging to be direct and express my thoughts the way I intend them to be expressed. This intention was to remind myself to not hold back because of fear of what someone might think or say. I also wanted to show myself some love and compassion for those times when I mispronounce a word or my mind goes blank in conversations. It happens, I just need to take a deep breath and keep going.




An active, fit, healthy, lifestyle is one of my dearest values. I feel at my best when I workout daily. This includes biking with Brian, hiking by myself or my girlfriends, walks on my lunch-break, or doing a 15 minute Tone It Up YouTube video each day.

This intention was also about approaching fitness not for vain results that can stem from external expectations, but from a positive, joyous, heart forward perspective. This held me accountable for making choices that lined up with my personal values.


There it is. My 5 intentions from 2017. After reflecting on the year, I feel gratitude toward my friends and family for helping me to keep to these intentions. I am also proud of myself for putting time and attention aside to work on getting to know myself better. Stay tuned for more updates about fitness, alignment before action (and how I’ve approached wedding planning with this in mind) and of course, minimizing our possessions.

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