Red Wine Tasting

We had so much fun taste testing and choosing the white wine for our wedding (see the post here!), we knew we wanted to have another get together to taste and choose our red wine!

We’re big fans of boxed wines. They’re eco-friendly and you get more bang for your buck, so they were an obvious choice. It will also be a little easier on our bar tender during the wedding! Read on for the taste test results!

00 red wine title


The Wines



The Participants



The Process

Each wine was labeled with a number. We gave everyone a glass and a note card so they could score each wine. We had appetizers and served a spaghetti dinner and at the end of the night I tallied the scores and the wine with the highest score will end up being the wine we will server at our wedding next June!



The Scores


Maria Jola Red Sangria


Marla Jola Red Sangria

Wendy: Very sweet. Citrus-y. 4/5
Christy: Yum! Very fruity! 1st choice.
Jean: #1!!
Steve: Favorite!
Tara: Very sweet. Almost tastes non-alcoholic. Good overall. 4/5
Kyle: Better or equal to #5
Shelley: Almost too sweet, but bold and yummy. mmm 3.9/5
Brian: Sweet.






Black Box Pinot Noir


Black Box Pinot Nior

Wendy: Oak after taste. 3/5
Glenn: Good.
Christy: Okay. A little bitter. 5th choice of the 5.
Tara: A little bit-y/tannin-y. 3/5
Kyle: Less good than #3
Shelley: Wintery, bold, not for a summer wedding.







Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon


Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon

Wendy: Tangy. 2/5
Christy: Good. Better than #2. Second choice of the 5.
Tara: A little bite but very good. 4/5
Kyle: Not as good as #4
Shelley: Mmmm, fresh for a cab. 4.5/5
Brian: Favorite.







Black Box Merlot


Black Box Merlot

Wendy: Berry flavors. 3/5
Glenn: Good!
Christy: Better than #2. Just as good as #3.
Jean: Second favorite
Steve: Second favorite
Tara: 5/5
Kyle: Not as good as #5
Shelley: Dry. Yummy. 3.7/5
Brian: Really good.






Trader Joe’s Block 67 Cabernet Sauvignon


Trader Joe’s Block 67 Cabernet Sauvignon

Wendy: Woody. Oak after taste. 3/4
Christy: I like this a lot #2 choice.
Steve: No.
Tara: Good. Would be liked by most. 5/5
Kyle: Good. Smooth
Shelley: Yes! Yum! 4.2/5
Brian: 2nd favorite.







And our winner is…

Marla Jola Red Sangria!

After tasting all of the wines, and considering the other drink choices for the event, we decided that the sangria was very wonderful, but maybe a little too sweet for what we were looking for. The close runner up was the Trader Joe’s Block 67: Cabernet Sauvignon, so we’re going to served that at our wedding next summer!

Try them out and let me know what you think!

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