Welcome to my new blog! I sincerely hope you enjoy what I (and Calliope) share here and I hope it inspires you to create, update and enjoy!

First, I want to give a little background about how I came to create this blog and why this project is dear to me. I must say that the road to this blog did not happen overnight! It is filled with two or three abandoned blog attempts over the past 6 or 7 years. Either the “why” behind the previous project was unfocused or I was sharing pictures for external reasons as opposed to internal reasons and it never evolved to be the creative and inspiring place that I hoped it would be.  After the projects had lost their momentum I completely forgot about blogging for 2 years.

What’s different now?

We bought a house 1 year s ago, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on myself, my family and my values in life, I started taking meaningful pictures again and I just graduated from CSU Chico with a BA in Media Arts. Right now a blog seems like the perfect place to focus my creative energy, pragmatically apply my media skills and share with friends and family.


I’m also bringing my bunny, Calliope along for the creative ride. Her name is pronounced k ah l ee oh p ee – like Kaleidoscope & Penelope mushed together. She’s into classic rock, kale and keeping things simple & fun! She’s my #accountabilitybunny who always reminds me to take it easy, enjoy, and keep meals lean, clean & green!

This time around the intentions, the creative space and the “why” behind it all feels right and I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with you.

So, sit back, take it all in, and enjoy!